Careers with Realms Adventures

Portland, OR

Realms Adventures is offered by Trackers Earth, Inc., and hiring occurs through Trackers Earth. All communications, agreements, and pay will come to you from Trackers Earth.

Realms Adventures offers programs where kids navigate real challenges, contribute to their team, and have fun in a world of their making! We craft immersive LARPing camps filled with epic adventure. Working with Realms Adventures provides full- and part-time opportunities for teens, parents, professional educators, and more

This page is for Year-Round Opportunities. If you're looking for seasonal Camp Jobs, click below!


Available Year-Round Positions


Realms Adventures year-round positions may be onsite and/or remote, and you are not assigned to an officially fixed worksite. Check the details of each postition or inquire for more info.


Our flexible training times going into summer accommodates school year schedules. Part of your training may occur online, while others sections are in-peron and in the field. Please Note training pays Minimum Wage. During your normal teaching and work schedule your regular pay scale applies.

Required Experience, Attributes & Physical Demands

A completed COVID-19 Vaccination or exception with verification and Central Background Registry with your State are required for all roles. Specific required experience, attributes & physical demands vary based on the role. Please review the job description provided in the Learn More under each position.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more?

Fill out this form and connect with our Team. Together, we begin conversation about your fit with Realms Adventures.

Can I apply for any staff position?

Definitely, we want the Realms to be built by our kids, families, and our community. From teen to adults, professional expectations remain high for staff. Confirm if meet specific qualifications by clicking Learn More under each position.

Are long-term Trackers Earth students guaranteed a position?

This is an employment program with high expectations, not a for-tuition program. Hiring is based on applications, interviews, and maintained professionalism.

Is this a good position for School Teachers and Parents?

Our flexible training schedule going into summer accommodates a teacher’s school year schedule. Free camp for up to two children (Grade K-5) during summer provides essential care and connects the entire family to Realms Adventures.

What training do you offer?

Training opportunities depend on the position. All staff roles include training in core educational principles, safety, and skills. The immersive teaching culture of Realms consistently provides growth in many subjects.

What is your Covid-19 policy?

Completed COVID-19 Vaccination or exception with verification and Central Background Registry with your State are required. The safety of our kids, staff, and extended Trackers family is our top priority. Since the onset of Covid-19, we have continuously operated programming. We continue to review guidance from the CDC, State and Local health authorities, and recommendations from the American Camp Association to deliver the safest and most rewarding experiences possible. Our programs are designed to be flexible and we will update you as guidelines or policies change. See our full policy here.

About Realms Adventures

Our organization was created to give kids the opportunity to discover adventure in a world they create together. Role-playing games become a doorway to build character, find adventure, and learn new skills.

Realms is an experiential education program that is rooted in the idea that youth are capable of great things. We are team of compassionate individuals who believe kids (and adults) should have fantastic adventures in the natural world.

Realms Camps and Adventures inspire kids and teens to become the Heroes of their own story. Our immersive programming seek to empower youth through storytelling, imagination & leadership skills.