Day Camp FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Realms Adventures is offered by Trackers Earth, Inc., and registration occurs through the Trackers Earth portal. All transactional information and program communications will come to you from Trackers Earth.

Important Documents What do I need to read?

Will you read each link below like you’ve never read them before? Of course you will! Seriously, it’s a page turner. We change it up just to see if you’re paying attention. This enthralling body of work includes:

Program Information

Packing What do I pack?

See the links below to find the packing list for your program. Always put your or your child’s FULL NAME on as many items as possible. Pack as lightly as you can!, but do include the right gear needed for the day . Keep it light and tight! Everything should fit into a single pack—nothing clipped onto the outside. Be ready! Check the NOAA weather report every morning to guide you in what to pack.

  • Packing List - Outdoor (School Year) | [ PDF]
  • Packing List - Outdoor (Summer Overnight) | [ PDF]
  • Packing List - Outdoor (Summer)| [ PDF]

Location Where do programs go and what does transportation look like?

At Realms Adventures, the majority of our programs are transported. Transporting enables us to reach epic wilderness areas that truly create Realms Adventures. We go beyond paved trails to visit real nature! We travel from the local drop-off locations to wilderness sites. We choose wilderness sites based-on program goals and proximity. Often, nearby urban parks have restrictions on outdoor activities to maintain sustainable public access. To explore many of our most fantastic locations, we may need to go a little farther afield to private wilderness sites—and it's worth it! Our bus travel times vary, but typically range from 20 - 65 minutes each way. Rare but special events may have a longer travel time. Travel time is camp time, filled with songs, stories, and engaging activities for everyone on board.

Campers may be transported on passenger vans, short buses, and full-size school buses, by fully-licensed and qualified drivers. Vehicles are at full capacity, with three campers to a seat on a full school bus. Currently, masks are required to be worn by all passengers on the vehicle and windows are typically kept down for ventilation.

How do I know which wilderness site my child is going to?

Throughout the school year we are always updating and optimizing program schedules, that is why we cannot immediately provide a wilderness site schedule. Closer to summer, site plans can change due to weather and other factors. For example, higher winds may move us from an original kayak location to a more sheltered one. Families can ask their guide each morning at check-in about where your child’s group will travel each day. During the program, Supervisors are in consistent contact with our program Coordinators as they check in with our central location during each camp day. If you forget to ask your guide at check in, you may contact Family Success at (888) 998-3903 to track where the your child’s camp is that day.

Found, Not Lost Museum Where do I find it?

Label all items with your child’s FULL NAME. This helps our Guides identify who owns the mysterious artifact left behind. We display unclaimed artifacts in our “Found, not Lost Museum” at each pick up and drop-off site. You can reclaim your curios during Check-In/Check-Out. If you're unable to visit our museum in person, please complete this form and we'll treasure hunt for you! If your missing artifact is located, we'll contact you once we escape any large rolling boulders. Museum viewing outside of camp Check-In/Check-Out hours is by appointment only. Schedule with our Family Success Team at

Challenging Conditions How do you deal with challenging weather and other conditions?

We feel our core purpose is to educate our participants on how to properly prepare and thrive in challenging conditions—weather or otherwise. With diligence and an unending commitment to safety, we can educate everyone to adventure in all environments for a successful life outdoors! In some circumstances, challenging conditions may require us to modify normal activities or site locations. When unable to modify our normal activities, Realms Adventures can cancel programs and schedule a make up day. When make up days are provided, refunds can not be made available. If changes to programs need to be made, Realms Adventures will make a decision by 6:30 am the day of programming. We will contact families via text and email. Please see our complete procedures for Challenging Conditions. Every individual has their own comfort threshold. When dealing with challenging conditions, Guardians and parents are urged to use their best judgment regarding their own child.

Realms Adventures Inclement Weather Events

We have successfully and safely operated our camp programs in all types of weather conditions. The Realms Adventures team constantly monitors NOAH, NWCC and other reputable sites for the most up to date and accurate condition reports.

Under certain circumstances it is necessary for us to modify our normal activities or site locations in consideration of the weather. We feel it is core to our purpose to educate our camp participants on how to properly adjust to the conditions around them. With diligence and an unending commitment to safety, we can educate kids to play and learn in all environments for a successful life outdoors!

Cold Weather Event

Cold weather events are a common weather condition in the winter, but may happen at any time of the year in some locations. With proper adjustment to what we do, where we go, and how we act, these events can be another way of safely experiencing nature.

  • Campers will remain in warm sheltered areas as much as possible
  • Campers will be reminded to dress appropriately for the weather
  • Campers are constantly monitored for any cold related concerns

When dealing with cold events, camper guardians are urged to use their best judgment regarding their camper. Each child has their own tolerance threshold. In certain circumstances, we may find it necessary to limit camp hours or cancel specific days due to cold temperatures. In the event of a modification to our schedule, guardians will be notified as soon as possible.

Snow Day Changes and Updates

Our goal here at Realms Adventures is to prepare campers to thrive outdoors in varied weather conditions. Only in extreme events, such as roadways becoming too unsafe to travel, will Realms Adventures make the decisions to cancel or reschedule.

Notifications of canceled or rescheduled programs will go out via email & text by 6:30 am the morning of the program. Due to our large student population, it is not always possible to individually call every family. Although we make every effort to notify families far in advance, it is not always possible as conditions can change very quickly.


Update Authorized Pick-ups

You need to update for any additional humans authorized to pick up your children. We cannot immediately release youth if someone is not on your list (this is a good thing). Any additions that are not on the roster may be given directly to your Family’s Guide at check-in.

  • Login here
  • Go to Authorized Pick-up Names
  • Click Save Settings to confirm your edit

Photo ID Do I need it?

Everyone picking up a child must show a legal photo ID during Check-Out. We understand that the unexpected can occur. If your ID was eaten by a Catbus or pilfered by a pirate, we work diligently to resolve any issues. Our goal is to prioritize the safety of your child.

Independent Release How can my child self check-in & check-out?

We recognize many older youth arrive at camp independently. Legal guardians can sign a waiver that allows free-range youth to check themselves in and out of camp. To allow for independent release, do the following:

  • Login here
  • Go to Manage Independent Releases
  • Fill out the online form

Late Check-Out How’s that work?

Check-Out after 3:30 PM is late without pre-registered After Camp. For the first 10 minutes, we charge a fee of $10. After that, we charge the full $25 for After Camp that day.

Notifying Absence Does it help?

If your child will be absent because they are sick, touring with their rock band, or traveling inter-dimensionally, please fill out the Absence Form. Tuition cannot be refunded for missed days.

Medication Information

Day Camps How is medication administered?

Campers must bring medication to camp in the original packaging (with name and dosage). Medication must be kept in their backpack, our guides can not carry it. Campers must self-administer medication while at camp with us. Our guides can help provide a reminder with an alarm for when to take their medication and witness it being administered.

Overnight Camps How is medication administered?

Campers must bring medication to camp in the original packaging (with name and dosage). Medication must be turned in to their guide at check in. All medications are kept in a lock box or in the guides pack during day activities. Campers must self-administer medication while at camp with us. Our guides can help provide a reminder with an alarm for when to take their medication and witness it being administered.

Registration Information

Confirmation & Reminders When do I get them?

Confirmations come automatically with registration. Reminder emails are delivered one week before a program start date. The email contains the Check-in/Check-out times, address, team numbers, and what to pack.

Friend Requests When do I get them?

Groups are divided into smaller teams. To help your child get into the same team as their friend, you must make friend requests well in advance. We understand that for some kids, our programs are an opportunity to spend time adventuring with old friends while making new ones. We go to great lengths to make sure friends are placed together. Friend requests may be updated by logging into your user profile or by contacting us at

Please Note Friend requests must be 10 days prior to the start of camp. We may not be able to honor requests made after this cut-off. Campers must be registered for the same grade and camp theme in order to be placed together, and all friend requests must be mutual (your child's friend must also request them). Please double check your registration to ensure your camper is enrolled in the same grade and camp theme as any friends. In order to keep group dynamics balanced, we ask that you do not request for your child to be placed with more than one other camper.

Grade Level Which grade should I register my child for?

Please only register your child for their Grade or Age range. Do not fudge this. Our super intelligent AI robot will catch it. Use the following guidelines:

  • Summer Camp Register for the grade your child WILL ENTER the following fall.
  • School Year Programs Register for the grade your child will be CURRENTLY ATTENDING during the program dates.
  • Homeschool Programs Register for the age your child WILL BE during the program dates.

Program dates full? Get on our waitlist, this is how it works

Joining a Waitlist lets you receive a Waitlist Alert—this tells you a space has become available. Everyone on the Waitlist receives such an email saying we have publically reopened the program session. We do this to ensure that reopened space fills in a timely manner. First person to register secures the spot. Registrations must be completed at our website.

  • The email contains a link to the registration page.
  • The "Add to Cart" button shows if the space is still available.
  • Once the open space has filled, the program is closed online and no longer available.
  • The open space is filled if the "Join Waitlist" button shows again for your desired program date.
  • You will receive an alert email each time another space opens.
Because of the immediacy of the Waitlist Alert, friend requests cannot be guaranteed.

Financial Information

Tax Information What is your Tax ID for tax purposes?

Trackers Earth
Tax ID # 47-2600009

Refund What is your Refund Policy?

Please register only if you are certain you have the availability to attend the camp and the week you register for. Both our summer and long-term programs have limited room in groups to ensure quality mentoring. If someone leaves a program, we still have the expense of them attending due to commitments such as paying our educators. When we fill a camp and someone decides not to attend, it is often too late to find a student to take their place as waitlisted students have frequently chosen another program.

Summer Camp Refund Policy
  • Cancellation until April 30: 75% of tuition is refundable
  • Cancellations on or after May 1: 50% of tuition is refundable
  • Cancellations on or after June 1: no tuition is refundable
  • For additional options, see Best Fit Guarantee
School Year Refund Policy
  • Cancellations received with more than 21 days notice are 75% refundable
  • Cancellations received between 14-21 days notice are 50% refundable
  • Cancellations received with less than 14 days notice are not refundable.
  • We do not prorate or refund tuition for days missed due to illness or injury.
  • Due to our obligations to plan ahead, prepare materials, and pay our instructors and staff consistently, we do not credit or refund tuition for scheduled absences or no-shows.

Program Changes How do I change my program?

  • Change requests must be received in writing (via email). Mail request to:
  • Change requests must be made at least 30 days prior to your original program's start date.
  • Changes to a program will incur a $35 administrative change fee.
  • Changes are subject to availability.
  • Registrations and fees are non-transferable to other accounts.

COVID-19 Information

The safety of our kids, staff, and extended Realms Adventures family is our top priority. Since the onset of Covid-19, we have continuously operated programming. We continue to review guidance from the CDC, State and Local health authorities, and recommendations from the American Camp Association to deliver the safest and most rewarding experiences possible. Our programs are designed to be flexible and we will update you as guidelines or policies change. Please contact our Family Success team for any questions or needs:

Vaccines Are they required?

We require staff to be vaccinated. All campers age 5 and up must verify their Covid vaccination in their Trackers Earth account (instructions provided in your confirmation email for programs). Campers ages 5-11 years have until 12-weeks after November 8, 2021 to upload their card. Campers 12 years and older must do so within one week of their first day of camp. Please email Family Success at if you need to request a medical or religious exemption.

Health Checks How do they work?

Each morning of camp, take your child’s temperature and check for illness symptoms. Keep everyone healthy, keep kids home when sick.

Exposure What if my family is exposed outside the program?

Inform us as soon as possible if you have had a COVID exposure in your family so we can best address how to care for all participants in the group. You can email us at (preferred) or call (888) 998-3903. If you email, please enter COVID EXPOSURE in the subject line to provide proper urgency to our Family Success Team. All identifying information is extremely limited and kept as private as possible when we notify families of potential exposure in their program cohort.

Masking What are your mask requirements?

Until further notice, masks are worn when there is 6 feet or less social distance (indoors & outdoors), with the exception of eating and hydrating.

Cohorts How do you maintain cohorts?

We maintain small group sizes in stable cohorts. If the program is transported, during transportation, the group size may be larger and masks are worn at all times with the vehicle ventilated as much as possible in the given weather conditions.

Cancelation What if I need to cancel due to COVID-19?

If your family needs to cancel a registration related to CV-19 at any time (even after camp begins), you’re covered by our CV-19 Policy. In these circumstances, there will be no cancellation fees and you will receive your full purchase price as a transferable credit on your Trackers account for any future Trackers program, valid until the end of Summer, 2022. Otherwise, our normal cancellation policy will remain in effect.

This email form is also a great way to get ahold of us. We're often about doing something fun and outdoorsy, so be patient with a reply.