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Summer Camps 2023
LARPing - Portland, OR

Quest with our Live Action Role-Playing Summer Camps!

Create your own fantastical character. Become an Elf, Wizard, Ranger, Orc and more. Prepare for adventure while training in outdoor skills with expert Guides. Each camp has its own story, a complete chapter in the ongoing saga of the Realms of Cascadia. Gather your friends, get outdoors, and begin your quest!


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Outdoor Skills
Real Skills

Get outdoors and train in real skills through fantastic role-playing games!


Voted Best Camp & After School with local families through parent magazines.

Expert Educators

We choose our experienced Teachers & Guides with intensive interviews & background checks.

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Our Realms Advneture camps offer fantastic day & overnight options:


Realms Day Camps

6-12 Transported to epic lands. Campaign in adventures through forests, farms, and meadows. Quest while learning archery, wilderness survival, hand-crafts & more! Trail wildlife through animal tracking. Train in outdoor skills through role-playing stories.

Transport Adventure

Realms Overnights

6-12 Journey to the forest lands of Camp Trackers for fantastic overnight camping in the foothills of Mt. Hood. Create and become your character and gather your band. Quest to save the Realms of Cascadia in our epic role-playing adventure camp.

Camp How-To

Day Camps

Daily Schedule

8:00 AM - 8:30 Drop-off @ Base
8:30 AM Journey of Trackers Bus to Wilderness
In the Wilds Explore the Wild with Outdoor Skills
3:00 PM Return of Trackers Bus to Base
3:15 PM - 3:30 PM Pick-Up @ Base


Journey from our drop-off sites to epic wilderness locations! Transport occurs in buses or vans.


Week Schedule

Monday (AM) Drop-off @ Basecamp
Monday (PM) Camp Orientation
Tuesday - Thursday (AM) Character Skills
Tuesday - Thursday (PM) Questing + Campfire
Friday Journey Back Home


Real tent camping at our fantastic Camp Trackers in the foothills of Mt. Hood. We transport from Portland.

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