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Realms Adventures

Co-create the story in our epic role-playing adventure camp. Create your own character, becoming Elf, Wizard, Ranger, and more. Then join friends on a magical adventure. The fate of the Realms lies in your hands!

Become a Hero, Quest the Realms!

Realms Adventures inspire kids and teens to become the Heroes of their own story.

Our immersive Summer Camp adventures seek to empower youth through storytelling, imagination & leadership skills. Begin your Quest today!

Summer Camps 2022
Summer Camps Available Now!
Grades K-12 Start your Summer Quest with Elves, Wizards, Dragons, Pirates & More!
What is Realms?
Creating unforgettable Quests for Youth

Realms is an experiential education program that is rooted in the idea that youth are capable of great things.

Our organization was created to give kids the opportunity to discover adventure in a world of their making. We believe that role-playing games are so much more than games; imagination fosters creative thinking, adventuring strengthens social connections and co-creating stories builds leadership skills.

Discover your inner hero today!

Overnight Adventures
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Grades 4-12 Get immersed in the world of Realms with Overnight Adventures!

Top 6 Reasons Families Quest with Us